NYC or Bust: My Fashion Week Wardrobe

Whoohoo! Less that 24 hours until I'm on that plane to NYC.  I'm still freaking out.  

If you missed my last post, I decided to sew up some brand new clothes to wear over the weekend I'm in New York for Fashion Week!  

I had three days to sew, photograph and report back to you via this blog.  I had to use fabric from my stash, and of course everything had to be G+G.  

I'm proud to say I sewed up 5 things in 2 days (no small feat with three little kids in the house, I assure you), plus a bonus dress: the brand new, released-today Runway Dress! 

Soooo, here was my original plan: 

First up, I made the (free) Sincerely Darcey pants! I thought they would be perfect paired with my G+G tee for the plane ride on Friday! I'm pretty sure I have to get up at 4 am to get to the airport on time, so I'm going to be all about comfy.

I bought this rayon spandex back when the Drama Dress was in testing . . . first I loved it, then I hated it.  At one point, I threw it in the garbage.  Then, obviously, I saved it from the garbage.  And now it's my pants.  And I think I like them (I mean, I love the pattern . . . I'm still ambivalent about the fabric).

Next I finally made the gored skirt front the Bonnaroo Bundle! And holy buckets,I'm in love.  

I picked up this fabric as a bundle from Boho Fabrics with this pattern in mind, and I'm so glad I did.  I love everything about this skirt!  The way it moves is amazing.  

Speaking of amazing skirts with fantastic movement: check out this Festival Freebie skirt.  I used a chiffon from Sincerely Rylee and it floats beautifully.  

I did make a couple changes to the pattern: I omitted the back piece, so there isn't as much volume.  I took seven inches off the hem and added a ruffle instead.  I did an elastic waistband (so I basted the front overlap together before I added the waistband).  

I also modified a RuLo to make a matching top.  

Modifications: short sleeves and I cropped the crop version to make it even more cropped, but added a big tail in the front to tie.  Considering I was completely winging it, I'm super happy with how it came out.    

I ended up switching the leopard print stretch velvet for this purple floral velvet instead.  I did a G+G V-neck (part of the $5 Staples line!).  

It's comfy and slouchy and perfect for Sunday morning, as I stumble down in my pre-coffee state to meet up with everyone before the show (PSA, the show starts at 1 EST on Sunday, so make sure you're stalking around Facebook at that time!).  

I crazy love everything-- these are some of my favorite things I've made myself in a long time.  Especially those skirts! 

I didn't end up sewing up the Liverpool, but I did make the brand-new Runway Dress.  This design will be featured in all three of Kristi's shows this fall, but you can buy it here first! How amazing is that? 

To me, it feels Grecian goddess-esque, which is a vibe I can totally get behind (my wedding dress was a similar feel!).  

So now, it begs to question: what does one wear to meet Kristi Fitzpatrick? Like, if I wear G+G, is that sucking up?  Should I just wear RTW and avoid being judged on my spotty top-stitching? Those are the questions that keep me up at night, my friends.

See you on the runway ;) 



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  • Jamie on

    I have been dropping by your blog occasionally. You inspire me. Your garment and fabric choices are fab! Thank you for a fun blog!

  • Korey on

    What fabric did you use for the Runway Dress? I am in love with your version!

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