NYC or Bust: Three Day Sewing Challenge

NYC or Bust: Three Day Sewing Challenge

Um, excuse me, but where did the summer go?  One minute, I was playing tour guide for the Festival Fever Blog Tour, and the next minute I was buying a pumpkin spice latte.  

My hubby is a teacher, and it seems like summer with him off from work just flies by.  My sewing time goes out the window, and things some how seem busier than they do in the school year.  This summer, all of our creative energy went to fixing up this sweet little Shasta Compact (you can read about it on my own blog, Middle River Studio).  Seriously.  This was my whole summer:

So, now summer is gone, and I am freaking out. 


Because I leave for New York a week from today! 

Guys, I am so excited to get to go to New York Fashion Week, soak up the amazing designs, and meet Kristi and a crew of other sewing-world people.  

But I am also freaking out a little bit.  

I haven't planned anything past the flight, hotel room, or getting to the show on time.  I'm going to be missing my 4 year-old's first day of school (which I didn't know when I booked the flight).  And I have no idea what I'm wearing.  

And personally, when I'm stressed, I sew.  

Me, a month ago: Oh, I don't need to sew anything for New York.  I'll just wear stuff I already own. 

Me, today: I need to SEW EVERYTHING.  

Nothing motivates me like a challenge.  Whether it's a sew-a-long or a self-imposed goal.  

You, my friends, are my accountability partners.  Here's what I'm going to do: 

  • Make five (at least) new items to wear in NYC
  • I must use fabric from my stash (part of my fabric-buying-ban, which helped me pay for the trip, HA!)
  • All patterns must be G+G (duh!) 
  • I have three days to sew it all, take pictures and blog about it (due to our annual trip to the cabin for Labor Day weekend, that's all the time I have left!)

I pulled fabric from my stash already, and here's what I want to sew up:  

I'm a girl with a plan.  


I'll be back next week to show you what I did (or did not, ha!) manage to sew up! If you're from NYC or have visited there, let me know what my sister-in-law and I should do while we're there! <3 


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