With Care Romper!

Hello fellow sewists!  My name is Amber, and I run the blog at Mumbling Sewist. I am super excited to be a guest blogger on the G+G blog.  
When I first tested The With Care Dress (affiliate link), all I could see was a romper in the making.  And the Sincerely Darcey Pants (affiliate link) were a perfect fit to that dream!
I am going to take you through a simple tutorial today.
*The With Care Dress pattern pieces  
*The Sincerely Darcey Pants pattern pieces
*at least 2 yards of 4 way stretch fabric is best  (I used rayon spandex.)
*extra paper
*fabric measuring tape
To assemble the romper, you are going to need to print out the front and  
waist area of the With Care Dress, also the pants pieces from The Sincerely Darcey Pants. Your first step should be measuring the waist area of the skirt multiply it by 2 to get the waist measurement for the bottoms.  
(front and back pieces of Sincerely Darcey Pants)
Take care when combining the two bottom pieces, so that they don't overlap too much and make the bottom smaller than intended. Next you are going to measure from the center crotch to your high waist. This will be the point at which the bottoms join to the top.
The top line for the high waist with be the measurement that you came up with when you multiplied it by 2. The front crotch seam will your measurement from your center crotch to your high waist. Adjust the back seam to match up to the new waist seam. Your inseam can be however long you want, or you can leave it pants length. Finally, you will cut out your new pattern piece for your bottoms.
Cut out 4 front bodice pieces from the dress and 2 of the bottom pieces mirrored. Place the front and back bodice pieces right sides together and sew along the shoulder seam. Repeat on the other bodice pieces. Lining up the shoulder and side edges sew along the neck opening connecting the two together.

In the next steps, we will be doing the burrito method on the bodice. Flip the bodice right side out. Lay the bodice flat, opening one shoulder seam, and then roll the bodice towards one strap (1). Reach under the bottom edge of the roll and pull the lining layer out from underneath the outer bodice, leaving the rolled fabric in place (2). Matching the shoulder seam and edges of the sleeve opening on the outer bodice, pin along the edge (3). Make sure the rolled fabric is away from the seam allowance. Then sew along the pinned area carefully, avoid stitching over the rolled fabric (4). Turn the bodice right side out and repeat on other shoulder. When both straps are finished, fold the bodice so that the side seams are right sides together, matching the front bodice to the back bodice and the front lining to the back lining (5). Sew along the side seams to complete the bodice.

Sew front crotch seam together. Sew back crotch seam together.
Open shorts and pin along inseam, double check to line up crotch seams together. Sew the inseam along the edge making sure to stay within the seam allowance. Since I as using rayon spandex fabric, I also serge the width of leg edge before sewing the hem to stabilize it. You may use a stretch stitch or cover stitch to finish the hem.
After you have completed the bottoms please refer to page 18-20 on The With Care Dress. These pages will help you to connect the bodice to the bottoms and finish the pattern.
Completed! Now it's time to try it on. If you decide to make a version of this romper, please post it in the George + Ginger Facebook group. Also using the tag #withcareromper so I can see your version.

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