The Lollapalooza Top Release

The Lollapalooza Top Release

Happy release day to the Lollapalooza Top! I’m crazy about this peasant blouse style top- it’s perfect to dress up or down, features an off-the-shoulder neckline, and has fantastically billowy sleeves.  

Introducing, the Lollapalooza Top!


And I’m going to let you in on a secret right away: this is one off-the-shoulder look that’s actually going to stay off-the-shoulder.  I’ve seriously had no issues with the sleeves riding up.

The ruffle sleeves add a super cute touch to final product.  



This pattern was drafted for wovens.  Quilters cotton and linen are the go-to fabric choices.    

Other woven fabrics may be used, but of course the intended design may be effected.  In addition to linen, I personally tried out a georgette crepe (more drape and less structured than my linen one), and a very stable stretch woven (more structure than my linen). Testers tried out an array of other fabrics as well, with stunning success- everything from rayon and crepes to lace.  I really love these lace ones-- perfect for a cute bralette or as a swim cover-up!

Some of my very favorites made during testing used border prints.  I’m always a fan of border prints, but I am especially heart-eyed over these ladies’ makes!


If you’re not sold on the pattern yet, wait until you see the hacks, mash ups, and modifications the G+G tester team came up with!  I was completely blown away by their creativity and vision in making this pattern their own.

Crop Top

Alexa (from MinneSEWta Threads) played around with turning this shirt into a crop top two different ways.  

Just leave off the bottom skirt portion of the top and create an elastic casing on the bottom . . .

. . .  Or, leave it loose and add some cute trim!

Bonnapalooza Hack

Livia (from Liviality) mashed the hi-lo Bonnaroo skirt with the bodice of the Lollapalloza Top.  How stunning is this dress?!

To make this mash up match up, she cut the skirt pieces to be the same width as the bodice and created the elastic casing as per the instructions.  Since she took out significant width from the skirt, she also adjusted the curve of the skirt pieces.

Split Skirt Hack

Teri added an overlapping skirt to the bodice to make this sassy little number!

She cut a rectangle a few inches wider than the bottom of the bodice, overlapped them that few inches and (putting the split to one side), attached the skirt and created the elastic casing as per the instructions.

Shirring Hack

Sara (from So Sara Sews), shirred her blouse, and I am absolutely obsessed with it.  Personally, I have one failed shirring attempt under my belt (which I owe to faulty supplies, in my opinion, ha!), but this top has me convinced that I need to give it another go (if you’re new to this technique, it is created through using elastic thread in the bobbin).

After hemming the neckline, Sara did 6 rows of shirring ½ inch apart at the neck and the waist.  She also added 4 rows on the sleeves (after constructing them as normal).

Tie Straps

If the thought of wearing a strapless bra gives you nightmares, a cute bralette works great with this top, orrrr you can easily add some straps.  I went with making tie straps, but a fixed strap would be just as easy.

I cut four straps 20 inches by 4 inches.  Fold each strap right sides together down the long side then sew them together down two long sides and one short side, then turn right sides out, press, and top stitch.   I then just sewed the open end of each strap right into the top stitching along my neckline, three inches in from the seam where the bodice and sleeves meet (you can see I finished my neckline a bit differently, but even if I had followed the directions, it works the same way).  I also skipped the ruffle of the sleeves on this one-- I’m either going to add elastic to the hem or shorten the sleeves . . . I just haven’t decided yet!

Dress Length

Marta extended the bottom ruffle to make a dress-length Lolla Top! 

For this one, she made the skirt A-line and she also used a light knit to help accommodate her hips.  Super cute, right?! 

If you want to read more details from our tester team, support our local bloggers: 

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That's all our team has for today- I can't wait to see what you do with this pattern! Make sure to snag it while it's on sale for the release.  Now go and get your Lolla on! 


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