The Bonnaroo Bundle Pattern Release

The Bonnaroo Bundle Pattern Release

I hope you’ve been stocking up on wovens, because the Bonnaroo Bundle is here and it is a gorgeous boho dream!

The first release in the Music Festival Collection, the Bonnaroo Bundle includes two woven skirts and a knit tank.  Purchase the skirts and tank separately or buy it all together (you know you want to!). Two waistband options are included with the skirts- you can mix and match either of the waistbands with either of the skirts to create your perfect piece.  

There are so many combinations with this bundle, so let’s take a look at some tester pieces: 


Hi-Lo Skirt-- featuring zero, one, or two ruffles. This one glides out behind you, creating almost a train.  

You can't go wrong with any of these choices! I thought I wouldn't be a fan of the ruffle-less option, but Sara completely changed my mind (she totally sold me on it . . .  which is the ultimate compliment for a tester!) I also want to give a shout out to Emily (in black), for being basically the best tester of all time by giving birth to a sweet baby in the middle of testing and coming back and completing her final photos. Rock star. 

Gored Skirt You can get creative with mixing and matching fabric patterns for this one, or keep it easy breezy and use one fabric.  Either way, you'll float like a dream.


Yoga Waistband  Comfy and easy to wear!

Corset Waistband  Do not be intimidated by the corset option! It comes together easier than it looks, and in my opinion, it’s an extra bit of wow-factor.


The knit tank features sewn-in ties.  The ties can be made from knit or woven fabric.  Two lengths are included: regular and crop (but the crop isn't as cropped as you might think, so don't rule it out!).

Let's Talk About Fabric

Rayon, gauze, georgette, and crepes are all awesome choices for the body of the skirt. I know you want to ask-- can I use knit? But, ultimately, there is a lot fabric in the skirt, and you’re going to be better off with a nice, flowy woven and not a knit weighing it down. You can save those knits for the yoga waistband (cotton Lycra or brushed poly would be great) or for the tank (rayon spandex was a popular choice). And for the corset waistband option, you’ll want a structured woven (my favorite option I saw in testing was denim!). 

The skirt does take a fair bit of fabric. But I promise it’s worth it to feel like a goddess in the end. Pro tip: A few testers used bed sheets for their fabric! I’m not going to tell you which ones though, you’ll have to guess for yourself ;) 

Make it Your Way

Some testers had some extra fun make these patterns their own-- consider adding trim to the tank or skirt, or using eyelets instead of the loops for the corset waistband. I don’t know why I never think of adding trim, but I love it when everyone else does!

Blog About It

If you want to see more, head over to some of our testers'  blogs and give them some love! 

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And me at Middle River Studio

Stay tuned . . .

This is just the start of the Music Festival Collection! I'm crazy about everything Kristi has been designing for this collection. Keep on buying those wovens, because you're going to need them!  I had to crack into my Sincerely Rylee Dress fabric reserve for this test.  I am on a fabric freeze, for real this time (my fabric fund has been reallocated to my #fashionweekorbust fund, so don't even let me look at fabric! Except maybe some denim . . .). 

Show off your free spirit vibe and grab your copies of the Bonnaroo Bundle this weekend while it's on sale! Keep sharing your creations on the G+G Facebook Page- I can't wait to see what you make!  


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