Slash Hack - Suprise Back!

Slash Hack - Suprise Back!

Hello there! I’m Ilse from Sewsewilse and I’m so glad to be a guest blogger for George & Ginger!

You can find me on Instagram and I also blog here.

What’s my hack about? Well, I saw a lady on TV and she wore a design just as the Slash, but the side slits were closed and the back was on hip length. I loved it and wanted to create it too. And so I did.

Let’s take a look how! You’ll need the Slash pattern and you’re lucky because it’s on sale for September.

I wanted to use this floral ponte so badly, but it wasn't enough for the whole dress. But I think I would have cut flower heads anyway if I had to sew the side panels to the center. So using this denim ponte was the perfect option for the side panels and sleeves. You’ll see how it turned out ;)

Just for reference, I printed the longest length in size XL and shortend it with 4.5”.

Supplies needed:

* 2-way or 4-way knit fabric with at least 50% stretch fabric, such as rayon spandex, brushed poly, double knit, stretch French terry or sweater knit.

* you can use a zigzag as your stretch stitch, but I also use a twin needle to hem everything. I can’t imagine a life without it!

Cut your front center and side panels. Cut your neck band and set aside. Normally you have to sew your side panels to the centre bodice to the notches, but I sewed it all the way down to the bottom.

Up to the back bodice!  I measured my back pattern piece and drew a line at high hip. This became my back piece.

Look at those flowers on the back! Lovvvve! 

Okay, you can watch my bottom now ;)      

How did I finish my back? 

After sewing the shoulders together I first hemmed the bodice. Then I sewed my front and back piece together at the sides from sleeve end to were the bodice ends. Then I just had to hem the sides, add my neckband, finishing sleeves and bodice (as per pattern instructions) and …ready to go! 


I hope I inspired you. Thanks for reading! Ilse

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