Romy and Heat Wave Skirt Hack!

Romy and Heat Wave Skirt Hack!

First off Hi, my name is Amber from Mumbling Sewist ( . I was a guest blogger a couple of months ago, and I am so excited to be back. I know that everyone has been seeing the cute button-down skirts floating around the internet. So, I decided to show you how to turn your heat wave shorts into a cute button-down skirt. With these hacks you are going to need the following patterns, Romy which is the pattern of the month and Heat Wave Hot pants. ((These are affiliate links, it won’t cost you extra to use and I earn a small commission)). Now you will need paper for your pattern and fabric, depending on your size the top and bottom will need 1-2 yards of fabric each.  Let’s get started by printing out your pattern pieces and taping them together.

In this photo I show how to adjust out the outer seam to make it more of an A-line skirt. On the front piece you or going to add the 3 inches so you can make a button packet. This packet will be just for decoration and not functional.  I you are making this skirt with the pockets you will have to adjust them too. You will also have to add on a ½ of an inch to the waistband to account for the new packet. Now for the easy part, cutting out your pattern pieces and fabric. Please make sure you cut the back piece on the fold.

How to start your faux packet, we will begin with folding 1-inch wrong side in and folding it again. You will then sew down open side of the packet and repeat on the other front piece. After you have completed that you will lay either side over the other and sew together forming your completed packet.  In the instructions go to page 12 and finish the skirt by skipping over page 14 and just sew the side seams together. This is an easy hack and with a little bit of tweaking you can make it into a functioning packet.

Now for the second hack by making the simple bolero and fitted tank one piece.

You will need to cut out the simple bolero front and back so you can alter the sleeve and back neck seams. Laying the smaller pieces over the top, match the corner of the armscye and shoulder seam so you can redraw the new armscye to use the sleeves. Please cut out the remaining pieces so you can follow along as we sew up this top. You will need the simple bolero neckband and the tank v-neckband cut in half not of fold. Do not forget the simple bolero bottom band, cut 2.  
Start on page 14 of the Romy top and start attaching the v-neckband as instructed. You will not be sewing this band to the back, just to the front and lightly stretch the band as you go. You will have left over band at the shoulders please cut at the shoulder seam.  After which you will take 1 bottom band and sew along 1 simple bolero front lightly stretching as you go and repeat on other, cut off excess band. Now you are going to lay the tank on the bottom facing up and over lay each side of the front simple bolero, make sure you line up the outer corner of the shoulders. The back piece should be last right-side facing in.  

Sew your shoulder seams together, making sure you sew through all the fabric. Open the top up and pin your sleeves on making sure to pin the shoulder seam to the point on the sleeve provided on the pattern piece. When that is complete close the arms and follow the seam down the side to the hem.  Now you will attach the collar/neckband on, this is another tricky step since you have two layers on the front to sew to the collar. I use a lot of pins to make sure I attach all the fabric correctly.
At this point your top should just about be done, all that is left is hemming your sleeves and the waist. I hope you all have enjoyed this blog please use #heatwavehotskirt or #Romyonepiece so I can see your creations.
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