Road Trip Bodysuit - Kitty Hack Tutorial

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George + Ginger Kitty Bodysuit Tutorial

Are you ready to try a cute mod with G+G's Pattern of the Month?
The featured pattern for March is The Road Trip Bodysuit--and we're celebrating it with 25% off the bodysuit pattern all month long!  So grab your pattern and let's get started on this sweet Kitty hack!
First you will need to print and cut out your pattern.  Don't forget to adjust for height if needed!
You will need to do some freehand drawing for the kitty head colorblocking, but don't panic!  It doesn't have to be perfect!  Lay out your front piece and start with a straight line about 1 1/2" below the neckline.  Angle it up towards the shoulder seam, ending about 2" above the center of the neckline.  Now draw a curve 1 1/2" away from the armscye all the way up to meet the point.  Your piece should now look something like this.
Now let's work on the back piece--this one is easier!  Start 1 1/2" away from the bottom of the armscye and 1 1/2" away from the back neckline.  Draw in your crve so it looks something like this.
It's time to cut the colorblock on the pattern pieces.  When working on a modification like this on a pattern, I like to cut colorblock lines with a pinking shears so I remember to add an extra seam allowance when cutting the fabric.
Cut out all of your pieces.  If going by the bodysuit in this tutorial, you will cut the bottom of the colorblock pieces and leg bindings (and snap crotch placket, if applicable) in black fabric.  You will cut the top of the colorblock pieces, sleeves and neckband in white fabric.  Cotton lycra is a great choice!
Don't forget to add a 1/4" seam allowance to the colorblock edges!
This is the point that I like to add cut vinyl designs.  I feel pressing the design to the fabric is easier on freshly cut pieces rather than after the garment is finished.  BONUS:  We have added a kitty face cut file for FREE here on the site!  But feel free to get creative with embroidery or other types of appliques!
NOTE:  I cut my kitty face at 7" wide for a size 8 bodysuit.
Now that your have the pieces cut, we can start constructing the front.  Place both front colorblock pieces right sides up, like this.
Flip the top piece down so right sides are together and pin the straight edges together at the center.
Continue to pin up the ear, right sides together to get to the point on both pieces.
Pin down the other side of the ear, right sides together, until you get to the armscye.  It will be a little tricky and the pieces will be awkward at first.  Using a lot of pins will help!
Now sew along the edge you just pinned using a 1/4" seam allowance.  When you get to the points, put your needle in the down position, life the presser foot and use a tweezers to straighten out the point and keep the fabric laying flat when your turn the fabric to sew down to the next point.  Sewing points takes a bit of practice, but don't get discouraged!  The bodysuit is rather fitted and will most likely hide any tiny puckers when it's being worn!
Now topstitch the black fabric.
Repeat this process with the back pieces and sew them together.
Now your front and back pieces are ready for bodysuit construction!  Follow along in the Road Trip instructions to finish your kitty bodysuit!
I had so much fun creating this tutorial and even more fun wearing this bodysuit!  This colorblock mod will work with other G+G patterns as well--I may have to try it with a different shape on The Drama Dress!
Until next time...
Happy Sewing!

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