Riot/Clover Mash Up!

Riot/Clover Mash Up!

Hi, I’m Charissa! I’m a military spouse, mom of four (two kids and two dogs), and we currently live in Oklahoma.  I consider myself a “Crafter of All Trades.”  Pinterest is my friend, and I enjoy trying out all sorts of new craft ideas!  Crafting is my “me time” and I usually turn to sewing, though occasionally I’ll switch to crocheting (especially if we’re on a road trip) or some other small craft project that piques my interest.

Today, I’m going to tell you about my mash up using the George & Ginger Riot skirt and Clover top!  I loved the look of the Clover ever since testers started to show teasers, and I bought it right away when it was released but didn’t get to make it until now.  I feel like a lot of the patterns that I’ve been making lately have had a looser skirt, so I thought, why not change it up and make it more form fitting.  So that’s where the Riot pencil skirt option comes in!

For this dress, I used a red plaid Ponte from So Sew English so I can wear the dress for a holiday party.  Ponte is usually made of poly spandex and has a stiffer stretch, thicker drape and good recovery.  It is perfect for a dress like this!

Supplies needed:
Pattern pieces from the Clover pattern (for my version, I included: ¾ length sleeves, bodice, waistband, neckband and the optional waistband accent pieces)(
Fitted skirt pattern piece from the Riot (
FabricThis dress is form fitting and will need to go over your head and hips, so make sure to pick a knit fabric that has at least 50% stretch and good recovery. You’ll need about ¾ yard for the fitted skirt, and about 2 yards for the top half of the dress (you may need more if you are using a directional print)
7 Buttons (optional)
Matching thread
Sewing Machine with a stretch stitch (or Serger)

1) Print and put together your pattern pieces.

2) Make pattern adjustments as needed.  G&G patterns are designed for an average height of 5’6”.  I’m 5’1”, so I removed length in both the bodice and the skirt.

3) Cut out fabric.  You should have:

-Front and back bodice
-Front and back bodice lining
-2 sleeves, mirrored
-2 neckband pieces, mirrored
-4 waistband pieces
-4 waistband accent pieces (optional)
-2 fitted skirt pieces

4) Sew the pieces according to the instructions.  I sewed all the pieces for the Clover top first

Next was stitching together the skirt panels 

And then attaching the top and skirt pieces together.

5) Finish the sleeves and hem the skirt, either with a stretchstitch, cover stitch, or double needle. 

6) Optional step: sew on waistband accents and buttons on waistband and neckband

And voila, you’re done!

I am loving how this dress looks and fits and can’t wait to wear it.  Thanks for following along.  Hopefully this post helps inspire you to make your own special outfit for the holidays, another special occasion or if you just want to look amazing!

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