Reverse Drama Top!

Hi everyone!

I’m Emily Stevens (you’ll see me around Facebook as Emily Igo Stevens) from SewPo Threads, and I am excited to share with you one of my favorite quick and easy hacks - turning the Drama Dress into a shirt with the keyhole on the back!  You can snag the Drama Dress pattern here: (please note this is an affiliate link - I get a small portion of sales, and it’s no extra cost to you).

What you’ll need:
*Drama Dress pattern - printed and assembled as usual

*Measuring tape

*Long ruler or other straightedge 

*All your usual Drama Dress fixings - fabric, scissors or rotary cutter, thread, machine, etc

I love the Drama Dress as is, but definitely needed a few more tops to pair with shorts, skirts and pants as well. I also wanted a little something extra for my tops to wear to work, but needed a little bit more coverage than the front keyhole was giving me (due to the nature of my job). Thus, my Drama top with keyhole back!

Let’s get started. 

First, you’ll want to pick your options and prepare your pattern. The Drama Dress has a fitted and a swing option - I have made a few with the fitted option and that’s what we’ll be using today, but a swing tunic would be smashing as well! If you’re doing the fitted with me, don’t forget to grade to your measured sizes for waist and hips (based on how long you want your top). I decided to do three-quarter sleeves and finish them with cuffs.

Don’t forget your keyhole template and keyhole binding piece!

Next up is deciding how long you need your shirt to be. Using your measuring tape, measure from your underarm down to your desired hem. I’d recommend wearing a shirt that has a length you like, and just measure down to the bottom of the hem.

I wanted my shirt a bit shorter because of the high-waisted pants I’m pairing it with, so I measured 11.75” (I’m 5 feet tall so don’t just copy my measurement, unless you’re aiming for a crop!). You’ll then need to add 0.25” on for the seam allowance at the top and 1” on for the hem allowance.

Side measurement + 1.25” = side seam length on pattern

For me, that’s 11.75” + 1.25” = 13”. Measure down the side seam on your bodice pattern piece and draw a line all the way across using your ruler or straight edge. 

Cut out your pattern pieces - front and back at the new hemline, sleeves or armbands, keyhole binding, neckband, and cuffs if you’re using them. I tend to just fold my pattern piece under at different hemlines, rather than needing to reassemble if I want a longer length later on.  

Getting the keyhole on the back is super easy - just position it centered on the back piece rather than the front! I like to cut my keyhole while my fabric is still folded in half, as it’s easier for me to get it straight up and down that way.

Your back piece will look like this when you lay it flat:

From there, just follow the directions in the Drama Dress pattern! Keep in mind that your keyhole is on your back rather than your front piece, but otherwise it all works the same.

I’m so excited to see your Drama tops and keyhole backs - please share them in the George + Ginger Facebook group and tag me!

I’m off to make a swing tunic version next!


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