Printing your Patterns with PDF Plotting

Printing your Patterns with PDF Plotting

How do you put your patterns together?  Are you team glue stick or team tape?

I'm fast and easy.  I'm a tape girl. I've used glue stick in a pinch, but I'm a total tape girl.

At least, I was. Because sometimes, my patterns end up like this.  Seriously.  I pulled this out of a mystery mountain of patterns that has been building in a corner of my sewing room. 

But guys, now I’m a brand new, card-carrying member of team A0 printing.  And I’m super excited to share it with you. It’s so stinking easy.  

PDF Plotting is perfectly set up to help you print your large format patterns (that’s the A0 file that’s included with your purchase of any G+G pattern).  They send you the entire pattern printed off on just a few sheets of paper (depending on the size of the pattern)-- no fighting with your home printer, no gluing, no taping. It saves you time and the pieces fold up so much neater for storage.  

Of course, if you need your pattern right now, G+G patterns are easily printed at home and feature trimless assembly.  But if you can wait a few days, PDF Plotting has been especially awesome for these big, beautiful maxi skirts in the Music Festival Collection (sneak peek!).  

And they do ship fast.  I put my order in in the middle of the night and had a shipping notification before I was done with my first cup of coffee in the morning. 

The price is super reasonable in my opinion.  I know I spend a lot of money on paper and ink for my home printer.  Comparably, a 36” x 48” sheet at PDF Plotting will set you back $1.20 for black and white (an adult pattern typically takes 1-3 pages, depending on the pattern). But from now until May 31st, PDF Plotting is also offering G+G members 15% off your order with the code GG15.  Share the love :) 

Here are some tips and tricks for ordering:

  • Open your file in Adobe.  Check how many pages the file is.  Also hover the mouse in the lower left hand corner to determine the paper size needed.  If it's a G+G pattern, it'll say 46.81 x 33.11. That’s true A0 size (not all large format files you receive from other designers will be that size, so make sure you’re ordering the right size paper!).  Use that information on the PDF Plotting pattern printing page to purchase the correct size paper and upload your file
  • Shipping is flat rate.  So it’s advantageous to order multiple patterns at once.
  • A downside is that you can’t use the layers feature. You’ll get all the sizes printed.  If you want to preserve the paper to use different sizes in the future, use freezer paper or Swedish tracing paper to trace the size you need.  Apparently I’m foolishly confident that I will never change sizes, and I barrel full steam ahead and just cut out my size. If it’s hard to see the lines for your size, highlighting the size lines helps.  

Thanks to PDF Plotting for helping us celebrate the Music Festival Collection! You'll love printing these patterns with them-- remember to use code GG15 before May 31st, 2018 for 15% off your order.

See you tomorrow for the release of the Festival Freebies! 


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