Picnic With LOVE!

Picnic With LOVE!

Picnic With Love

Hello fellow sewists! My name is Cindy and I am excited to be here today to share my pattern mash with you.  I have only been sewing since 2017 and I am completely self/internet taught. Therefore, I fully understand the fear of mashing patterns.  Hopefully today I can help you set those fears aside and dive into this simple combination of the Picnic Dress (https://georgeandgingerpatterns.com/products/the-picnic-dress-womens-sizes-pdf-sewing-pattern) and the With Love Dress (https://georgeandgingerpatterns.com/products/the-with-love-dress-womens-sizes-pdf-sewing-pattern?_pos=1&_sid=26e94e1d0&_ss=r) to create the Picnic Dress with a maxi skirt. The best part, these patterns are both from the staples collection and only $5 each! 

You won’t need any additional supplies not listed in the tutorials.  So, grab your patterns and lets get started!

Step 1: Picking fabric
Use the yardage chart from the Picnic Dress tutorial (page 7) for bodice, sleeves, neckband, and waistband fabric requirements.  Use the yardage chart from the With Love Dress (page 9) for the maxi skirt fabric requirements.  Since the maxi skirt can get heavy due to the length, it can be helpful to use a more structured fabric for the bodice to help support the weight of the skirt.  I chose a brushed performance fabric for the bodice and a double brushed polyester for the shirt portion of my dress.  

Step 2: Cutting Bodice Pieces
From the Picnic Dress pattern, cut out the front bodice, back bodice, waistband, neckband, sleeves or arm bands from your fabric.  Do not cut out any skirt pieces yet.

Step 3: Assembling Bodice
Assemble the bodice following the Picnic Dress tutorial, pages 12-16.  Once you have the waistband basted on, you are ready for the next step.

Step 4: Measuring Skirt
Try on your bodice and measure from the bottom of the side seem to the floor to decide on the length of the skirt.  Make sure you measure from where the waistband is attached to the bodice, not the bottom of the waistband.  Record this number and then add ¼ inch for the seam allowance and 1 inch for the hem.  My measurement was 47 inches, so my final measurement will be 48 ¼. (Note: I found the weight of the fabric pulled the final skirt a little longer than I originally measured, but I was able to just adjust the hem to get the final length I wanted and I would rather have it a little long than too short!) 

Step 5: Creating Skirt Pattern Piece
Grab the skirt pattern pieces from the Picnic Dress and the maxi skirt pattern piece from the With Love Dress and lay them on top of each other.  Line up the edge marked for the cut on the fold (since this is parallel to the grain line, we will keep everything lined up nicely!) Place the tape measure on the side and adjust the With Love skirt piece down until the bottom hemlines up with your measurement from above.  Once you have the length you need, attach the two pattern pieces together and youhave your new skirt pattern piece.  I just used a few safety pins to hold mine together but tape would work as well.  

Step 6: Cutting Skirt

Cut your two skirt pieces on the fold from the new pattern piece and transfer the markings for gathering to your fabric.

Step 7: Gathering Skirt
Gather the skirt pieces following the Picnic Dress tutorial, page 12.

Step 8: Finishing Touches
Finish the skirt.  If you don’t want side vents, simply finish and attach the skirt following the Picnic Dress tutorial, pages 17-18.  If you want side vents, finish the skirt following the With Love Dress tutorial, page18, and attach the skirt following the Picnic Dress tutorial, page 17.  

You are all done! Enjoy your new dress as we transition into fall!


I hope you enjoyed this mash and can’t wait to see what you make! Be sure to share your creations in the G+G Facebookgroup and on Instagram.  

You can find my creations on Instagram @dill_made(https://www.instagram.com/dill_made/)

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