Pattern Hacks: Bonnaroo Bundle and Festival Freebies Edition

Pattern Hacks: Bonnaroo Bundle and Festival Freebies Edition

One part creativity, one part adventure.  Hacks are such a fun way to make a pattern your own.  The G+G tester team set to brainstorming some ideas for the Bonnaroo Bundle and Festival Freebies and we have some fun ideas to share!

Bonnaroo Skirt Jean Waistband

I absolutely love this one-- this project is at the top of my sewing list! Kristi used a pair of jeans to create the waistband for a Bonnaroo skirt.  All you need to do for this is cut the jeans to the same size as the corset waistband and continue with the pattern as normal. 

This is such an easy hack! The hardest part is deciding what pair of jeans to sacrifice for the project ;) 

Festival Freebie Knit Waistband

Amber used the Bonnaroo Bundle knit waistband on the Festival Freebie Skirt with great results! 

The original Festival Freebie skirt is designed to sit on the high waist, however the yoga waistband will bring it down to sit on your hips, so consider this when cutting your pieces.  Amber took three inches from the length of the skirt--keep your own height in mind though, and remember it's easier to remove length than add it ;)  After you hem your skirt, baste the two front pieces together and treat them as one when gathering your skirt. 
Pro Tip: Good stretch and recovery for the waistband is essential, as the skirt will get heavy in the front. 
Amber also used the Bonnaroo Tank as a guide to lower the armscye and make a tank from the RuLo Top! 

Festival Freebie Bonnet

Meg had ton of ideas of what to do with the Festival Freebie Bonnet-- that girl has some fun plans up her sleeve! She used the Pixie cutlines of the Freebie Bonnet and mashed it with the Anniversary Top to make this awesome hooded shrug.  The over-sized bonnet would be great to use as hood for any number of tops! 

Check out her blog, Threads of Magic, for the full details on creating these lace-up sleeves!  

Festival Freebie Tie Closure and Ruffle

I was excited to add a tie to the Festival Freebie skirt, in lieu of the button closure. I love that that makes it a little more forgiving if, say, you have a few too many tacos on Taco Tuesday (just loosen that baby up!). 

I cut my ties a little smaller than the waistband, and sewed them up, right sides together, then turned them, and added them during the waistband construction.  I'm a size 10, and one is 35 inches long and one is 55 inches. I did a button hole on the waistband at the side seam to put the longer strap through to wrap about my body.

I also added a ruffle! So many pin-spired wrap skirts I was seeing had a ruffle, and I just needed one too! I took 7 inches off the bottom of the skirt pieces, and then cut my ruffles at  7 inches. For the width, I measured the bottom of the hem (mine was about 125 inches on the size 10) and multiplied that by 2 to get how long I wanted the ruffle piece to be. So my ruffle was 250 inches by 7 inches. I had to break that up into 4 pieces to work with my fabric. Then gather that up and match it to the hem and attach it. I love the outcome on this, and I'll definitely be doing it again! 

I hope this gives you an idea or two for your next project.  Feel free to ask if you need help with any of these and keep posting your makes on the G+G group! 


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