Making a Posh Bodysuit!

Making a Posh Bodysuit!

Hi, I’m An Ca from Flaxfield Sewing, I’m so happy to share my pattern mash with you all today!  

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I really love the G&G patterns, they are all so well drawn and easy to mash up with a few simple steps.  I like to show you how I mashed up the Posh Top and the Road trip bodysuit to create a new pattern of your own: The Posh bodysuit!

What do you need to make this great hack?

- Of course you need the 2 patterns: the Posh Top and the Road trip bodysuit.
- Tracing paper
- 2 yards of fabric with good stretch and recovery
- Plastic or metal snaps
- 3 coloured pencils
- Ruler, scissors, …


And off we go …

First we take a look at both patterns.

Print them in the same size.

There are a few pattern pieces you need and a few you don't need.

This is the Posh top.  You will need the front, the back, the sleeve, the cuff, the shoulder, the neckband and the two trim pattern pieces.

This is the Road trip Bodysuit.  You will need the front, the back, the leg binding and the snap crotch placket.

We need to assemble the shoulder and the front of the posh top to make it one pattern piece. To do that we first take off the seam allowance of the matching seams from both pattern pieces.

Take a piece of tracing paper and trace the front of the posh top (minus the seam allowance on the schoulder) out.   If you do that, you can take the shoulder piece and line it up with the shoulder of your posh top on your tracing paper.  Trace the shoulder.

The pink line on the picture is the Posh Top.

We are now going to line up the front of the Road Trip bodysuit with the front of the Posh Top.

Take the front pattern piece op the Road Trip Bodysuit and match the shoulder seam with the shoulder seam of the Posh Top on your tracing paper.  Match the side seam as much as possible.  You will see that the curve of the waist and the hips of both pattern pieces are corresponding nicely.

Trace the bodysuit pattern piece out.  This is the purple line on the photo.

We will now merge both front pieces into one new pattern piece.

Take your third colour.  Trace the neckline, shoulder and armhole of the posh Top (pink line).  Then connect the bottom point of the armhole with the waist.  You can now follow the purple line of the road trip bodysuit just until you reach the middle front line.

Take your longest ruler and connect the mid front point on your neckline with the mid front point of the gusset at the bottom.  

You now made the new mid front “FOLD” line.

I'm always a little lazy and I don't do more work than necessary ;-). Therefore, I would like to continue to use my shoulder part of the original Posh pattern.  To make this possible I have to draw the seam allowance back at the shoulder line, just like it was in the original pattern piece. Do the same with the shoulder piece.

Cut out the pattern on the line of your third colour. Put your first new pattern piece from yourPosh bodysuitaside.

Be proud!  You're already in half of your pattern hack!!!

We are now going to do the same with the back.  

Trace the back part of your Posh Top and your Road Trip Bodysuit out on your tracing paper.  Match the shoulder line and waist line.

Take again your third color and trace the neckline, shoulder and armhole of the posh Top (pink line).  Then connect the bottom point of the armhole with the waist.  You can now follow the Purple Line of the road trip bodysuit just until you reach the waist point at the middle front line (on the left of the photo). Connect this point to the mid front point on your neckline

Yes!  Your second pattern part is ready!

You now have a new front pattern piece and back patternpiece.  

Cut this out of your fabric, along with the original sleeve, the cuffs, the shoulder, the neckband and the two trim pieces from the posh top and the leg binding and snap Croth placket from the Road trip Bodysuit.

To sew your Posh bodysuit you take the original instructions of both patterns and follow them in this order:

1. Closing the back by matching the two back pieces right sides together, matching up the center seam.  Sewand finish. (P 18 Road Trip)
2. Creating the top (P13 Posh Top)
3. Adding the neckband (P15 Posh Top)
4. Adding the sleeves (P19 Posh Top)
5. Finishing the sleeves (P20 Posh Top)
6. Adding the crotch placket and leg bindings (P28 Road Trip)
7. Optional (P22 Posh Top)

Admire your fantastic work!  You're done!

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Lovely! I already have both. Came looking for more options than the loop and string closure. THANK YOU! <3

Rosemary Heptig

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