Lovesick Rylee Mash!

Lovesick Rylee Mash!

Hi everyone! I’m Emily of Emazyng Creations. I’ve been pattern testing for a few years, and sewing for quite a few more, and one of my favorite things to do is create new looks by mashing patterns! I know it can seem daunting to have to do a bit of drafting by yourself, but the mash-up I’m going to show you today is seriously so easy! There will be minimal modifications to the patterns, plus, as an additional bonus, both patterns you will need are available for free if you’re a part of the G+G and Sincerely Rylee Facebook groups. So, there is really no reason not to try it out!

Today we’ll be mashing and slightly modifying the Lovesick Bra (available here in the G+G Facebook group files—join the group if you haven’t!), and the Sincerely Rylee Dress, to make a super cute, tie strap summer dress. 

FABRIC REQUIREMENTS: I chose to mix a knit and a woven—knit for the bodice, and woven for the skirt portion. For the bodice, you’ll want something with good recovery and heavy enough to hold up the weight of your skirt—especially if you’re choosing to make a maxi. I highly suggest a heavy knit with at least 50% stretch for the bodice.  The skirt should be a lightweight woven or knit (like an ITY or rayon spandex). Use the fabric requirement charts in each tutorial for fabric estimates. I’ll be using a heavy cotton lycra for the Lovesick construction, and a rayon crepe from Sincerely Rylee for the skirt—and sidenote: there is still some of this gorgeous rayon crepe on the site that you can snag for yourself here.

OTHER MATERIALS (optional): You may also want elastic to add to the waist. This could be done where the skirt meets the waistband with 3/8” elastic.  

So, let’s dive right in!

STEP 1: Print and assemble necessary patterns

First you will need the Lovesick Bra pattern. This can be found in the files on the G+G Facebook page here.  Follow the instructions to select the correct size. Print and assemble your pieces. You will need all pattern pieces for this mash-up, we will simply be making some slight modifications to the straps and band pieces. **I HIGHLY suggest that you make one (or 2-3!) muslins of this bra pattern before cutting into any fabric that you love.

Next, to get your hands on the SR dress, you’ll first have to visit the G+G Facebook group here.  Check the pinned announcement for the first half of the code you’ll need at checkout. Then, hop on over to the Sincerely Rylee Facebook group here and grab the second half of the discount code. Then head to the G+G website here to grab the pattern. Use the discount code that you pieced together, and it’s free!

The beauty of this pattern is that you don’t even have to print! You really will just need the cut chart for the skirt pieces in the tutorial. 

STEP 2: Cut fabric

There are only a few pattern pieces that will require modification—the Lovesick straps and waistband, and you’ll need to take some length off the skirt tiers. Find the pattern pieces for the Lovesick straps and waistband. 

First, the straps will be doubled in length, and you’ll cut four instead of two.

Second, I wanted the waistband to hit more at my natural waist, so I decided to use a longer waistband than what the pattern includes. To make this modification, cut TWO waistbands using the pattern piece. You can keep these pieces as is which will result in a 4.5” wide waistband, OR trim one inch off the length of each piece. I chose to trim an inch off as my natural waist is a bit higher. 

Cut the remainder of the Lovesick pieces according to the pattern pieces and tutorial.

Then, find the cut chart for the skirt pieces within the SR dress tutorial. Because the dress we’re making has a longer bodice than the SR dress, you will need to take some length from the skirt tiers. I suggest removing one inch from each skirt tier. So, you will cut the skirt pieces according to the cut chart, except make sure to subtract one inch from the length of each piece. This is also where you’ll decide how long to make your dress—two tiers for dress length, three for maxi. I’ll be doing three tiers for a maxi length dress.

STEP 3: Lovesick construction

Grab your four straps. Fold each in half (widthwise) right sides together. Stitch one short edge, and down the raw edges of the length. 

Turn each right side out and press well. You may also choose to topstitch.

Take one of your waistband pieces. Fold right sides together and stitch the short sides together to make a loop. Repeat with the other waistband piece.

Place the two waistband pieces WRONG sides together, one inside of the other, matching up the side seams and raw edges. Baste the top and bottom of the waistband pieces together so that it is now one piece.

Continue to assemble the bra cups and back according to the tutorial. When you get to the straps, you will attach the raw edges of two straps to the front, and the raw edges of two straps to the back. Baste all four straps in place.

Continue following the tutorial directions for sewing the lining and outer bra pieces together. Be sure to keep the free end of each strap out of the way as you sew the lining and outer bodice pieces together.

Attach the waistband in the same way that you would attach in the tutorial—the only difference is that instead of the waistband being folded at the bottom edge, you will have raw edges. After sewing, flip your waistband down and press well. Set your completed bodice aside.

STEP 4: Skirt construction

Create the skirt tiers according to the tutorial for the Sincerely Rylee Dress. Work your way from the bottom tier to the top.

STEP 5: We are almost done!

Divide the bottom of the waistband of the bodice and the top of the skirt into quarters. Place the skirt and bodice right sides together, matching the raw edge of the top of the skirt to the bottom of the bodice waistband. Match the quartered points and gather the top tier of the skirt to match the width of your bodice waistband. Sew the skirt to the waistband. I like to go back over my gathered seam with my serger for a nice clean finish. Remove your gathering threads. 

*OPTIONAL: If you would like to add elastic to the seam allowance for a little more support, do so now. Measure your waist and then subtract 1/2”. Cut your elastic to that length. Overlap your elastic ends by 1/2” and sew well.  Quarter the seam where the skirt and waistband meet as well as your elastic. Match the quartered points. Sew the elastic into the seam allowance using a stretch stitch or zigzag, stretching the elastic as you go.

All done! Try it on and don’t forget to share in the G+G Facebook group and on Instagram. You can find me at  I cannot wait to see what you make <3


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