Lively Pattern Release

Lively Pattern Release

We put our new testers to work this past week testing the newest G+G pattern to the line up: the Lively Top and Dress.  And boy, oh boy did those testers deliver! We had a huge group of testers for this one to showcase all the options, and I feel like the extra-large group helped bring out some extra fun creativity!  I'm going to be honest-- I've been putting off writing this blog post for the sole reason that I was so overwhelmed by the amount of amazing photos our testers submitted.  But, a girl's gotta start somewhere so here we go (buckle up, because there's a whole lotta info and pictures)!  

This pattern is loaded with options, but the heart of it are these amazing sleeves.  Go for the full bells . . .


or add elastic for a completely different shape! 

Of course, not every Lively has to have the dramatic sleeve- you can leave off the bottom piece and have a simpler mid-length sleeve. 

The pattern comes in tunic length . . .

And dress length,

And you even have two bodice options!  Both are lined; the simple version uses two lining pieces each for the front and back. 

But the rouched* version gives you this great accent at the front and across the back.  

The pattern was drafted for knit fabric with at least 50% stretch. We suggest using a knit with stability and recovery like cotton lycra for the bodice lining. Some fabric favorites for the testers have been: 

Rayon Spandex

Sweater Knit

French Terry 


Or my personal favorite, mesh!

But, wait! You can use woven fabric for the bells and the skirt! 

Personally, I made a tunic length, with the front and back rouching*.  I think this stretch velvet makes it perfect for holiday parties this fall! 

This pattern is quite fitted through the bust and waist, so you will want to do any necessary grading or FBAs there. The hips are free, so you should be good there ;)

Style It

One of my favorite things with this test is how people personalized it and made it their own style! 

Like hem tape . . .

Or lace-overlays. . . you could overlay everything, just the shoulder pieces, just the skirt . . . so many possibilities on this one!  And I'm pretty sure our testers hit every possible combination of use lace and overlays on this one, ha!


Using faux leather for the shoulder pieces . . .

Or adding lace appliques . . .


We also let the girls have at it with hacks and mash-ups! 

Remember that sale Kristi had last week on the RuLo? That's because the Lively Sleeves mash-up with the RuLo perfectly. Check out Elizabeth's, from City View Threads:

Livia (from Liviality), blocked out the bodice pieces, and used the Posh Top as a guide for a shirt version of the Lively.  Isn't the combination gorgeous?! 

Amy skipped the lining and added a neckband to hers for some strike-off magic.

Rachael from Sew Below the Willow Tree, made this sweet mashup with the Drama Dress!

Tyana is an absolute magician, and mashed the Lively with the Heat Wave Hot Pants! This girl blew me away! 

And the Lively is easily made maternity friendly.  Michelle (from Crafts, Coffee and Krakens) recommends taking 1 to 1.5 inches off the bodice (adding that length back on to the skirt), to help accommodate that bump.  


Testers Rock My Socks Off

For more inspiration check out some of our tester's blog post on the Lively release! 

Thank you to ALL of our testers for making this a FANTASTIC test:

Adawiyah, Alexa, Allison B, Allison T, Amanda B, Amanda S, Amber, Amy, Ana, Becca, Cassandra, Chaney, Charlene, Elizabeth, Ellie, Emily S, Emily Z, Florence, Genevieve, Jamie, Jan, Janel, Jean, Jennifer, Jessica C, Jessica L, Jessica L, Jillian, Josie, Kate, Kayla, Keeley, Kelly, Kim, Laura, Lim, Lindsey, Livia, Lore, Louisa, Marta, Mela, Michelle E, Michelle T, Nicole L, Nicole M, Nicole W, Rachael, Randi, Rita, Sara, Shaina, Shannon K, Shauna, Sonia, Stacey, Stephanie, Susan, Suzanna, Tasha, Trish, Tyana, Vanja, and Vilma.  

An especial thanks to Florence for keeping moral high and a smile on my face! She definitely earns the Miss Congeniality award in my book <3

Grab your copy of the newest pattern stat! And then stick around because there's always something new in the works at G+G! 

<3 Molly

*Note: A final word on the rouching of the pattern.  In case these are the questions that keep you up at night too. Is it "rouched" or "ruched"?  Well, if we're going to be technical about it, I should go with "ruched" as it's the primary spelling here in the US of A.  However, "rouched" is an accepted variant of the word "ruched", and, to my knowledge, the correct spelling on the other side of the pond (can my friends at the Great British Sewing Bee back me up on that?).  Personally, I learned it as "rouched" and I think it looks better, so that's what I write, ha! 


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Such an inspiring group of women to sew with!


Molly , I love this blog, I adore this brand and each tester wowed me. It was easy to be happy being with such wonderful company of women.
Sincere thanks to Kristi and you.

Florence Taylor

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