Jawbreaker/Festival Mash!

Jawbreaker/Festival Mash!

Hi there! My name is Yvonne and I am quite active in the sewing world. I test patterns, do strikes, and occasionally write a blog post or two. I was born and raised in the Philippines, in a land with no electricity or running water. Many times there was not much to do, aside from tending my own garden, some hand embroidery, crocheting, and sewing with my grandma. Those are my happiest memories!

I moved to the U.S. in 2008. A few years later, I discovered there was such a thing as PDF patterns and places to buy crafting materials outside of Joann Fabrics. The options available and the ease of use truly rekindled my love for sewing!  Soon enough, I stumbled across G + G. They were the first pattern company I tested for in 2016 and I’m still an active tester with them to this day.

Today I am honored to introduce The Jawbreaker and The Festival Skirt mash up. I love how elegant, yet simple, it looks.  It’s equally at home as a boho look, if you want to dress up for a special occasion, or dress down for a casual, everyday style. You simply can’t go wrong with this mash-up. What’s more, this style caters to women of different sizes and shapes. How great is that!

 For this sewing project, you must have the following patterns: The Jawbreaker and The Festival Skirt. The skirt is a free pattern and is available here:https://georgeandgingerpatterns.com/.

Before we start sewing, I want to clarify: the following project is a mashup of two separate patterns. In other words, we’ll be sewing The Jawbreaker bodice and attaching that to the Festival Skirt.

In addition, I made some other minor tweaks: First, I only used the lining of the bodice. Feel free to follow the original pattern if you like. Second, the skirt pattern comes with a side panel. I omitted that panel in this sewing project. Including it in your own project will work if you so choose. The concept is to sew The Jawbreaker bodice and use The Festival Skirt instead of the circle skirt that comes with the original pattern.

Now let’s get started!

Supplies needed:

Pattern pieces (The Jawbreaker bodice and The Festivalskirt)
Fabric (for the bodice, you’ll need to use knit fabric with 50% stretch. The skirt is designed for woven, but it works with knit as well)
Cutting mat
Scissors or a roller cutter
Regular sewing machine or a serger
Pins or wonder clips


1. Print pattern pieces and tape them together

2. Put pattern pieces over the fabric and cut them out. You should have: (the bodice pieces: 2 front pieces, 2 back pieces, and a skirt).

3. We are now going to sew the bodice. Follow the instructions from the pattern. After you sew, your bodice should look like this:

3. Set the bodice aside. Now we are going to sew the skirt. Follow the instructions from the original pattern. After you sew the skirt, it should look like this:

4. Next we are going to attach the skirt of the bodice. It’s up to you how much opening you want to have as you overlap the skirt. I did 16” with mine. After you adjust the skirt based on your preference, baste the area where you overlap the skirt. After you baste the skirt, it should look like this:

5. Now we will gather the skirt to match the bodice waist.

6. Lastly, we are going to attach the skirt to the bodice. With the skirt right side out and the bodice wrong side out, side the bodice into the skirt or attach it the way you’re familiar with. Pin around and sew. Turn the pieces right side out and you’re done!

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Does Yvonne have a mesh over a lining on her blog example of the Jawbreaker/festival skirt mash??

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