George + Ginger 101

George + Ginger 101

Welcome to George + Ginger! Whether you’re new to PDF pattern sewing or just new to G+G, this is the place to start. 

G+G Website

Patterns are available to purchase on the website.  You'll need to make an account and can purchase using either a credit card or PayPal.  When searching through the patterns, you may notice the different branding.  If you see a pattern with the new branding (like the Bonnaroo Skirts below), you'll know that it has our new extended size chart, which includes Tween size 12 and 14, and women's sizes 0-26. 

Downloading Patterns

There are two ways to download your patterns:

  1. After purchasing a pattern on the website, a confirmation page will come up.  First it will say, “preparing your downloads” for a little bit. . .  wait for it . . . and then your downloads will appear-- click the blue "Download Now" to download your patterns. This is the only time you’re able to download directly from the site. 
  2. You will also receive an email from the site, with the subject, “Your Downloads are Ready”.  The download links are also available in this email. I’d advise you to store these emails in a special folder (or at the very least, don’t delete it!). 

Using the G+G App

Available on Apple or Android.

I love our app! When I have a quick question about a pattern, I’ve found it to be so fast to use the app-- I check out the pattern listing and can see the recommended fabric types, the fabric requirements, and see inspiration pictures from our testers-- perfect for when I’m under stress at the cutting counter, and the employee asks, “how many yards do you want?”.  

Use the “Favorites” feature to keep track of the patterns you own or use it to keep track of the patterns on your shopping list! You can purchase your patterns straight from the app, find the direct links to our other social media outlets, and even read the blog posts ;)

But the best part about the app is:

You’ll  never miss a sale or a pattern release again! The app will send you notifications so you don’t miss the important stuff (but don’t worry, we also won’t be sending an obnoxious amount of notifications your way either). You can always see the current notifications on the app’s landing page as well.


To purchase patterns using the app, press the Buy it Now to go straight to purchasing, or Add to Cart to start carting patterns. You’ll be directed to log in (you will use the same account on the app as you do on the website.).  Check out is the same as on the site-- use a credit card or PayPal. Once you complete the check out, you’ll be emailed your pattern download links like usual!

Printing Patterns

There are three files that come with each pattern: the instructions, which also includes the letter size pattern (the standard paper size for the US and Canada), the A4 pattern (the standard paper size for the rest of the world), and the A0 pattern (large scale format for print shop printing).

Tips for printing your patterns are included in the instructions on every pattern.  But printing problems are a common question in the G+G group. One of the most common printing issue is printing the wrong document for your paper/printer.  If you’re having problems with the pattern lining up, that's the first solution to check.  If you print the A4 file on letter paper, or vice versa, your pattern will not tape together perfectly. A tell-tale sign of this is that you will be missing some of the little arrows that help you line up the pattern.

The second most common problem is simply printing the right settings.  Make sure you have either "actual size", "no scaling", or "100%" chosen (verbiage will depend on your printer model).  Also choose "auto portrait/landscape". 

A few other random tips:

  • Make sure your paper guide is pressed all the way flush against the paper to ensure the paper feeds through straight.
  • Some people need to slow the print speed down on their printer to ensure accuracy.
  • Some printers are known for feeding a paper through crooked every now and then, which may affect how your pattern lines up.
  • I know some people have no problem printing from their phone, but generally, it is recommended you print from a computer and not your mobile device.

To ensure the pattern is printed properly, make sure you are opening the file in Adobe. If you do not have Adobe, it is free and you can download it here.

All G+G patterns have layers, so you can print just the sizes you need. The layers feature is on the lefthand size.  Uncheck any size you don’t need and leave the little “eye” on the size that you do need. “Borders” and “All Sizes” should stay checked.  

Consider printing just one page of the pattern first-- one with the scale box on it-- to ensure your print setting are correct.  Measure your scale box and make sure it is perfect-- being off just a little bit turns out to make a big difference.

Putting Patterns Together

All G+G patterns are no trim! So you do not need to cut any edges when putting the pattern together.  Line one paper up, right against the guideline of the previous page. Do not overlap letters/arrows; those are simply there to help indicate the order of the pages. Easy peasy. 

You can also have your A0 file sent to a print shop to be printed in a large format, on just one to three pages (check your local printers, or consider a service like PDF Plotting). 

Importance of Muslins

A muslin (or a toile) is a test garment.  While it would be amazing if every pattern fit us perfectly with no adjustments, that just isn’t reality.  There is no standard body type. Your me-made clothes will fit so much better if you learn to recognize your personal fit adjustments.  A muslin gives you the opportunity to try out a pattern and work out the kinks before you cut into your good fabric. Use a fabric with similar weight and drape. You can make a simple mock-up of the pattern (make it easier on yourself in ways like skipping the lining, making just the bodice but not the full skirt, making short sleeves instead of long to save on fabric, not hemming, etc), or make a wearable muslin (a finished garment out of a cheaper fabric that won’t leave you heartbroken if you don’t like it in the end).  As you become more familiar with sewing for yourself, and more familiar with using a particular pattern designer, you’ll become more knowledgeable about the specific changes you need.  A muslin may take a little extra time, but in the end, you'll be happier with your final garment-- it'll fit better, be cleaner, and easier to make because you'll already know how to work through the tricky steps! 

Fabric Types

Every pattern includes a list of suggested fabric types.  You can find the them near the beginning of each pattern, or on the purchase listing itself.  These are the fabrics that the pattern was specifically designed for.  Kristi designed each pattern with the perfect fabric in mind-- taking weight, drape, and stretch into consideration.  Can you use a different pattern type? Well, sure.  But the outcome is likely to be different, and I’m not going to guarantee that you’ll like it ;)  


If you aren't sure if you're ready to purchase a pattern, free patterns are a great way to start (perfect for the beginning sewist needing to get his/her feet wet or for the experienced sewist wanting to get a feel for a new designer).  Purchase the Festival Freebies for free on the website or app.  Check the pinned post in the Facebook group for information on the Sincerely Rylee Dress and the Sincerely Sawyer Sweater. Or you can also find a ton of freebies and pattern add-ons in the Files section within the Facebook group

Who/How to Contact

Kristi Fitzpatrick is the owner and designer of George + Ginger.  Please do not send her a Facebook PM, as she will not see it. Instead, if you need help with your account or order, please email her at

Within the Facebook group, please feel free to tag an admin if you need help (you can find the list at the top of the members list).  

To stay up to date on releases and sales, download the George + Ginger app on Apple or Android

Or follow G+G in all the other social ways:

Facebook Group
Facebook Page
Facebook Sew Alongs Group


Thanks for reading-- we can't wait to see what you make! 

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