Below Zero Jumpsuit!

Below Zero Jumpsuit!

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I wanted to create a fun outfit for upcoming holiday celebrations. It needed to be comfortable, sexy, and could hide my food baby after devouring everything I could (come on, I know I’m not the only one!). I decided to make a jumpsuit mashing the Below Zero and Campfire pants. Then, I added the Tie Me Up Belt for a little more glamour.

Purchase your patterns at (this is an affiliate link. It won’t cost you extra to use and I earn a commission). In addition to the supplies listed in the patterns I used ¾ inch wide elastic.

Fabric Shown:

Gold fabric is faux sequin knit from (

Black fabric is stretch crepe from Joann (

Faux croc vinyl is from Hobby Lobby (similar:

 Below Zero Top – I chopped the sleeve to make it ¾ length. No other mods.

Campfire Pants – no mods.

Tie Me Up Belt – no mods.

1. Assemble your patterns per the instructions, excluding the waistbands. I wanted my Below Zero looser in the bust, so I sized up two then graded to my normal size in the waist.

Note: because I sized up the top my jumpsuit did not require a zipper. Make sure you’re using fabric with the recommended amount of stretch, and you may be able to avoid adding a zipper, too. I recommend making a muslin if you are not sure.

2. Sew your pieces per the instructions.
3. You’ll notice the waist width of the Below Zero is wider than the Campfire waist width. We will use elastic to make the waist tighter, and to help with the added stress and weight on the waist seam.

Measure your natural waist (approximately 2 inches above your belly button), then subtract 1 inch. This is the length of elastic you will cut.

4. Overlap the elastic by ½ inch, then zig zag stitch multiple times to create a closed circle.
5. Mark quarter points on the elastic and Below Zero hem. Match the points.

6. Using a zig zap stitch, sew the elastic to the inside of the Below Zero hem, stretching the elastic to fit.

7. Slide the Below Zero top over the Campfire pants, right sides together, matching the raw edges.

8. Sew together, stretching the Below Zero to fit the Campfire pants. Flip right side out.
9. All done! Put on your Tie Me Up belt, and go slay your holiday gatherings!!

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Ok this was super simple and love the final look!!! Perfect for the coming holidays even NYE.


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